Take your machine learning to a new level.

Quickpath has years of hands-on experience implementing machine learning at enterprise scale.  We have helped businesses scale their data and data science programs through analytic modernization that propels even the most closed, dated, disparate systems to real-time analytic ML and AI market leaders. Our implementations include businesses from the top of the Fortune 500 to start-ups and all maturity levels of the Modern Data Science Platform.

Quickpath is one of the few companies on the planet that truly grasps how to combine advanced analytics and marketing applications.
— IBM Australia

Consulting Offerings


Roadmap & Strategy

The path to machine learning and predictive analytics is paved with countless options and decisions.  Making the wrong decision can mean solutions that don’t scale Quickpath design services help customers make the technology, process and personnel choices that deliver highly modern, scalable, and manageable solutions that deliver value you can measure.  Quickpath offers Design Thinking Workshops, ML & Data Universities, Development Roadmaps, and Center-of-Excellence creation to ensure success in your data and advanced analytics initiatives.


Data Modernization

The design and development data platforms from legacy systems to a modern, efficient, scalable platform. Data Modernization typically includes migrating on-premise systems to cloud platforms, bringing together historically disparate data sources, moving from batch to real-time or streaming data ingestion and/or setting up a data virtualization layer for a single source of truth for reporting and model development purposes.  Quickpath delivers these capabilities by designing and deploying the latest data solutions for Modern Data Management, Data Governance, and Data Automation.


Data Science Modernization

Quickpath will assess your current Data Science Lifecycle then create an transformation plan to enable a scalable ML or Data Science practice, including improvements in access to data, model development and validation,  model deployment, model performance monitoring, and model governance.  Our offerings include: Data Science Lifecycle Enablement + Automation, Machine Learning Ops Enablement, Visualization and Data Storytelling, Legacy Analytics Conversion, and Modern Model Governance.


Managed Services

As you create new machine learning capabilities in your organization, you may not have the resources immediately available to fully leverage them.  Quickpath offers managed services to provide machine learning and data operations to allow you to succeed and scale quickly.


Partner Services

Navigating an expansive and growing ecosystem of solutions can be daunting. Knowing what best fits your needs today with an eye to your future needs can feel impossible. Quickpath can sell, deploy and architect the best solution for you now, and make sure that solution is future-proofed. All you have to do is what you do best. We'll handle everything else.