Production data science at scale.

Whether you need a platform to integrate and scale your machine learning or an ML-overhaul from the ground up, Quickpath can help you take machine learning to new heights.


Why do I need a production data science platform?

Rapid advancements in computing resources and data science skills, combined with reduced storage costs and massive increases in data from digital, image, voice, and sensor data sources, have driven a huge push for the adoption of machine learning. As they helped companies implement machine learning, Quickpath saw the same challenges over and over. Google identifies them as system-level spaghetti: a lack of understanding of the production environment, no monitoring of models, and an inability to retrain models as part of the deployment process.

The solution? The Quickpath ML Ops & Engineering Platform. Designed to bridge the gap between offline analytics and online production, it integrates data, models, and governance into one repeatable, easy-to-use platform. Combining open architecture with a broad, growing set of adaptors, Quickpath helps companies make real-time intelligent decisions at scale.


You have the models. Now let's put them to use.

Quickpath brings machine learning models, data, and decisions together in one streamlined, easy-to-use platform.



Connect to your production data stores, ML models,
& applications using prebuilt adaptors.


Define your decision flow based on business rules, data, and models.


Deploy decision flows into execution, and monitor operation & business performance.


Collect responses
to refresh models, results of experiments, and new data training sets.


Manage models and approve workflows, 
version models, & decisions from
the same platform.


No matter where you are, Quickpath can help.

Maybe you’re at the beginning of your machine learning journey. Maybe you’re a seasoned traveller. Regardless of your place on the ML maturity curve, Quickpath’s platform and expertise can take you to the next level.


Quickpath Expertise in Machine Learning

Years of experience back our collection, development, and integration processes. We’ll help you identify your best sources of data, develop models to work off of them, and integrate them with your existing platform or business. Contact us for consultation pricing.