Monetization in the API Economy

IBM's published article discusses the API economy drivers, enablers, business models and monetization.  Organizations can not isolate themselves and success.

APIs are the organization enabler to share/monetize data and application.  APIs are not just for software engineers and data scientists, exposed APIs are the new standard to combine data and functionality to create new capabilities. 

Quickpath Analytics products and solutions are the intersection of API economy and machine learning enabling the ability to quickly build and deploy best of breed analytics at scale.


Google Machine Learning and Technical Debt

Google published an article about machine learning, the high interest credit card of technical debt.  Machine learning is exciting and everyone wants to incorporate into their business.  

Google calls out numerous pitfalls, entanglement, pipeline jungles, dead experimental code paths, etc.

Quickpath Analytics products and solutions help companies avoid these pitfalls using scalable, reusable, and consistent principles for machine learning execution, decisioning, and evaluation.