Quickpath Selected as Finalist For the Startup Showcase at O’Reilly AI Conference

Quickpath has been selected by O’Reilly as a finalist for the AI startup showcase in San Francisco. Quickpath will be showing the Quickpath ML OPS and Engineering Platform at The O’Reilly AI Conference in San Francisco, 5:00pm–6:30pm Wednesday, September 5, 2018.


“We are excited to be invited to a conference with so many leaders in AI present”, said Alex Fly, CEO of Quickpath.  “This is validation of what we have already seen in the market.  We are honored to be part of it.”


On Wednesday at the startup showcase, Quickpath will be demoing their ML OPS and Engineering Platform.  They will be highlighting the end-to-end process of bringing data, machine learning models, and decisioning together.  Data scientists collaborate with data/ML engineers and IT operations within a drag-and-drop interface to design model-based decisioning. 


After the startup showcase, Quickpath will be available to meet with other interested parties in discussing the challenges of operational machine learning.


About Quickpath.

Quickpath enables data science teams to operationalize machine learning across the organization and streamline the path to production.  The Quickpath ML OPS and Engineering Platform is the only comprehensive production data science platform in market today.


With nearly two decades of deep predictive modeling and machine learning industry expertise, Quickpath has produced more than 100 successful implementations for Fortune 500-1000 companies.  To learn more about Quickpath, visit www.quickpath.com.