H2O + Quickpath Demos Now Available!

In case you were not aware, we have announced platform support for H2O open source and Driverless AI models. As part of the announcement we are attending H2O World San Francisco and demoing these capabilities. Here are some video snippets from the demo:

  1. First we show a data scientist using a Jupyter notebook to train an H2O model. Once the model is trained, it is imported into the Quickpath Platform.

  2. Once the model is imported, we show how the metadata is imported and the model is validated. Then a model connector, a graphical representation of the model, is created for use in the drag-and-drop interface.

  3. Finally a decision flow is created that uses the H2O model to score customers as they interact with the website. It is easily embedded into any application.

Schedule some time with us for more in-depth discussion on how Quickpath can help accelerate your enterprise AI initiatives and get more models in production, faster.