Integrate your H2O Models and Business Apps with no code using Quickpath

We are excited to officially announce that the Quickpath Platform now supports H2O Open Source and H20 Driverless AI models.  H20 users can build machine learning models in Jupyter notebooks, H20 Flow, or Driverless AI UI, and then easily import those models into the Quickpath Platform model repository.   Once imported, the models are deployed into elastic scale infrastructure, allowing your H20 models to be to power intelligent business decisions. The Quickpath Platform automates the monitoring of infrastructure performance, model and decision outcome performance, operations, as well as model input or score drift and anomalies.  Please contact us to find out more and start monetizing your H20 models.

About Quickpath:
Quickpath embeds intelligent decisioning into your business applications using machine learning and predictive analytics.  The Quickpath Platform is a ML integration solution that designs, deploys, and manages machine learning across your organization.  Powered by Quickpath, systems of intelligence are able to drive smarter decisions to measurably impact bottom-line results.

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