Production data science

When you have a machine learning model and want to integrate it with your business applications, you need a production data science platform.


What is production data science?

Production data science is the full lifecycle of deploying machine learning models into your production environment and integrating them into your business applications. It’s the end-to-end process from connecting the models to the data sources, defining analytically-based decisions, managing the runtime environments, collecting the outcomes and responses, and monitoring the models for anomaly and drift detection.

The solution? The Quickpath Platform. Quickpath bridges the gap between the environment the data science team uses to build models and the deployment environment and standards corporate IT requires.  This approach provides a repeatable and consistent path to production for data and analytics driven decisioning. It results in more models deployed, more quickly and generating more business value from your data science practice.


Supports all major modeling frameworks and algorithms

The Quickpath platform supports all the major modeling frameworks and algorithms so your data science team can use their existing tools with Quickpath.

Leverage predictive model scoring, machine learning, and AI using industry standard algorithms for propensity scoring, clustering, segmentation models, as well as graph, NLP/NLU, image and facial recognition, and other deep learning applications.

Quickpath supports Python, H2O, TensorFlow, R, Scikit-Learn, Keras, SAS®, Openface, Caffe2, Watson, Google, Azure, AWS ML cloud APIs, Domino Data Labs, IBM DSX and SPSS, Spark ML, graph databases, and more.


See how easy it is to import an H2O model from a Jupyter notebook into the Quickpath platform.


Bring Speed and Agility to Enterprise AI Initiatives

Our platform understands corporate IT standards and data security and can quickly integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning across the enterprise.


Quickpath Expertise in Machine Learning

No matter where you are in the machine learning journey, our team can help. The Quickpath team has decades of experience in the industry, and we can help you identify the best sources of data, develop machine learning models to work off of them, and integrate them with your existing platform or business.