why quickpath?

quickpath provides machine learning and advanced analytic solutions that benefit organizations looking to make intelligent decisions faster.


quickpath value across the organization


the quickpath equation


data science that delivers bottom-line results

Powered by a innovative metadata driven architecture, quickpath's solutions massively reduce the current technical debt associated with the deployment of machine learning and analytic decisioning in enterprise customers and deliver order of magnitude scaling in operationalizing and monetizing data science to drive bottom-line growth.



  • Shorten model development process to enable rapid deployment

  • From months to minutes, rapidly deploy models into production

  • Streamline data science insight from prototype to production

  • Real-time data acquisition and enrichment



data governance

  • Predict risk, reduce loss, produce optimal decisions

  • Built-in quality controls

  • Error reduction through model validation

  • Real-time model and system visibility

  • Complete transparency and traceability of detailed data lineage

  • Robust information governance integration

  • Detailed logging