Getting Started

Customers often ask how should we scope our initial project. Where do we start? Our approach is to focus on showing business value along each step of the journey of deploying AI across the enterprise. We never recommend focusing all effort on building infrastructure without showing some value to the business in parallel. Our focus is on building project momentum while supporting infrastructure approaches that scale.

Here are three common paths that you could start with:


The 10-Day Proof-of-Concept

In order to show how the platform supports your models, we offer a 10-day POC. Bring a model and some sample data. We will show how the Quickpath Platform takes the model, turns it into a decision, creates a feedback loop, and provides model management and reporting.


Phase 1 Platform Deployment

Our best practice is to start with a single use case that can demonstrate significant business value to your organization. We leverage a business application such as a mobile app, call center desktop, or even a location on your website. We then take your models and business rules to make the best decision to take with a customer. Then we embed the decision into the application and create a feedback loop for tracking the outcomes. All of this will be done within your infrastructure such as your AWS instance or on-premises.


Data Science Modernization

Oftentimes companies have different teams of data scientists using different tools. One might be using a legacy tool such as SAS® and another could be using R or Python, etc. How can you get everyone using the same deployment processes when they will continue to use different tools? Or maybe you need to convert the SAS® models into something more modern? We have experience doing both. The Quickpath Platform is the best way to bring these disparate teams together under a single production platform with centralized governance and management.

Contact us to discuss scoping these projects for your company.