Build and deploy scalable and automated solutions that deliver reporting and machine learning/analytics solutions to drive real business value.

+ Data Modernization & Automation

The design, execution and testing of moving a data platform from legacy systems to a modern, efficient, scalable platform. This can include moving on-premise systems to cloud, bringing together historically disparate data sources, moving from batch to real-time or streaming data ingestion and/or setting up a data virtualization layer for a single source of truth for reporting purposes

+ Visualization & Data Storytelling

The design, execution and testing of a modern reporting system that enables near real time analytics and gives you the ability to make better decisions faster. This can include not only the business and end-user reporting but setting up a single source of truth for all reports to ensure consistency and governance in decisions. Take the "feel" out of decisions and move to a data-driven decision environment

+ Data Science Lifecycle Enablement

Starting with a health check, Quickpath will assess your current Data Science Lifecycle then create an execution plan to enable it to move to a more efficient and effective state. This can include improvements in access to data, model creation, model modernization, model deployment and testing, improving actionable insights or anything else along the data science lifecycle.

+ Machine Learning Ops Enablement

Processes and technologies to effectively manage production operational ML.

+ Governance

Quickpath will use a mix of technology, process and documentation to help create a governance program that is custom fit for you and your team. Over the course of the engagement, Quickpath with marry industry best practices with Quickpath years of experience with your organization's needs from both a technology and process standpoint and create a phased approach to ensure that best practices and procedures are followed and governed from early on.