Quickpath Connector Library

Connectors provide pre-built integration between the Quickpath Platform and an application. Integration means that it can both read data sources, write data into the applications, and publish the results of machine learning and decisioning into the application itself. Below are the categories of connectors and examples of each. If there is one that is not listed here that you would like, let us know and we can easily create it and add it to your implementation.


AI Scoring Connectors

Analytics connectors include support for any models that are trained using any of these frameworks including text, image, and video algorithms. The Quickpath Platform has prebuilt support for: Open Source, Deep Learning, Graph Database, Model Development Platforms, and Cloud API AI frameworks.

Open Source AI

Deep Learning AI

Model Development Platforms

Graph Database AI

AWS Cloud AI

Azure Cloud AI

Google Cloud AI

IBM Watson Cloud AI

Data Connectors

Data connectors include read and write support to relational databases, columnar data stores, cloud storage, and graph databases.

Data Enrichment Connectors

Streaming & Messaging Data Connectors

CRM Application Connectors

Content Management Application Connectors

Search Application Connectors

Social Media Connectors